What is IMAX exactly?

IMAX theatres deliver the most immersive movie theatre experience you have ever seen. With laser-aligned digital sound, customized theatre geometry and revolutionary projection technology, IMAX puts the viewer IN the movie. Learn more about IMAX and IMAX technology by visiting IMAX.com.

Audiences love IMAX.

 What makes the Warren IMAX special?

The Warren World Class IMAX combines the immersive IMAX movie experience with the classy showmanship that you would expect from the Warren Theatres. The Warren IMAX will be one of the largest movie screens you have ever seen, and it will be unveiled before each show with a Warren signature feature – the largest curtain you have ever seen! Also, this IMAX is being built from the ground up, as opposed to being a retro-fit into an existing auditorium.

Tell me more about the IMAX Screen…

The Warren IMAX is one of the world’s largest curved screens – imagine a typical movie screen, then imagine it being 6 stories tall! The shows that will play in the Warren IMAX will primarily be Hollywood hits, but we will play some of the IMAX documentary and nature films as well.